Terms & Conditions

  • Confirmation All bookings are not confirmed until invoice is issued and payment collected.
  • Cancellation Policy : After confirmation, no cancellation allowed and still subjects to full payment.
  • Refund Policy : Refund agree on reasonable ground and acceptable situation is subjects to $10 administration surcharge.
  • Changes of details : For date/timing/location changes, rearrangement can be make provided time slots required are available OR otherwise should remains as booked . All rights reserve under Urban Junket discretion.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of vehicle & preventing damage :  No eating or drinking is allowed on board vehicles. For any special cleaning of vehicle required by professional cleaners, the cleaning costs will be borne by customer.No boxes or big suitcases are allowed on seats, to prevent any damage. Any damage incurred will be borne by customers

Possible Extra Charges :

  • For every point transfer booking, goodwill waiting will be given for up to 10 mins. After which, goodwill will be withdrawn and waiting fee will be incurred. $10 for every 10 mins block.
  • For every airport/cruise arrival transfer booking, driver will monitor flight/cruise arrival. Transporter will reach 30 mins after landed/berthed timing, and given another 30 mins waiting without any extra charges. Beyond it, there will be charges based on extra trip at basic rate. Special arrangement such as extra timing require after flight/cruise landed/berthed can be arrange before booking.
  • Any discrepancy between booked details and actual booking will be subjects to additional costs at driver’s discretion. Details refer to such as the number of passengers, luggage and special items etc.
  • For every exclusive service booking, rates for any extension needed after booked duration will be as follows:
  • 13seater:- extra $10 for each hour block on top of normal rates.

Things to take note and Driver’s rights

  1. Porter services are not included for all bookings, shows of gratuity will be greatly appreciated.
  2. If travelling with infants, it’s own responsibility for bring along with, fitting the correct infant seats for use in the vehicle.
  3. For trips (PTP) booking, guests are advice to be at pickup point 5 minutes before appointment time. Driver reserve all rights to move off with or without goodwill waiting times given if driver was scheduled to another booking after.
  4. Under circumstances of threats and harassment, driver reserve all rights to terminate the trip under safety precautionary at his discretion.
  5. For cases of unable to locate driver for any reason, it’s own responsibility to call up person in charge @+65 84987939 before making any alternative arrangement.
  6. For Payment upon boarding, either cash or mobile payment in SGD will be accepted.
  7. All quotes will be in SGD unless otherwise stated.
  8. No invoice/receipt shall be issued for payment on board.

Urban Junket reserves all rights for any amendments without prior notices.

T&Cs will be treated as understood and agreed by guests upon booking confirmation.
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