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Rides Share Express Service

Rides Share for Individuals for just $20 (SGD) per pax

Pickup point will be at your doorstep

Drop off point will be at Malaysia Custom CIQ Complex

Every Sunday to Thursday 0900h-1400h. Choose the date and timing of your preference.


Budget Traveler

Convenient Platform for Budgeted Traveler 

Pros: Low cost   /   Cons: Certain risk factor involved. 

  • Costing ✩✩✩✩
  • Efficiency ✩✩✩
  • Service standard ✩✩
  • Trustworthiness ✩


Travel in Family

Exclusive Rides for Family and Friends with assurance pertain to rules and regulation from all relevant authorities
  • Small group 16 pax with only small bags
  • Small group 13 pax with only small bags
  • Small group 12 pax with only medium size bags
  • Small group 11 pax with only medium size bags
  • Small group  9pax with luggage

Date, Timing and Pickup/Drop off points at your preference


Travel in Caravan

Laid Back and Relax

Economy 90%
Fun 50%
Efficent 30%


Travel with Buddies

Travel in a peace of mind with quality service and trustworthiness.

  • Trustworthiness ✩✩✩✩✩
  • Service standard ✩✩✩✩✩
  • Costing ✩✩✩
  • Efficiency ✩✩✩
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